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Video Podcasting on Steroids

Scaling your most valuable resource: YOU

Are you tired of:

  • Feeling like you’re failing at Social Media

  • Being constantly misunderstood

  • Losing customers to inferior competitors 

  • A stagnant professional network

  • Overpriced agencies

What We Do


We Eliminate Confusion

What platform should I post on? What type of content does well? Do I have to dance to go viral? We coach you through setting up your video content strategy.

We Make Efficient Use of Your Time

Our content creation process is as easy as a 1-hour coffee meeting. We deliver a month’s worth of videos within 2 business days of filming.


We Establish You as an Authority

Our guides help stories and knowledge flow out of you. We have a professional studio you can go to or we can set one up in your home or office.


Your video views will be measured in the thousands...not the tens. Reach thousands of people with your effective messages each week

We Grow Your Network

Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 8.45.41 PM.png

2. Create Plan

3. Create Content

How We Do It

1. Call Us

Schedule a 15 minute call to make sure you are a match for our services.

Identify your target audience

Find out where your audience hangs out. Develop you messaging strategy.

Get your content reps in with our unique content production framework that makes creating content as easy as having a coffee meeting

4. Edit Content

Our editors are fast! Like 2 day delivery fast! Videos clips are provided with captions and uhs and ums removed to make you sound clear and confident.

5. Recap

We’ll review the content together from each session to improve messaging, speaking mechanics, conciseness and refine distribution.

6. Repeat

Make more content and watch the views, and your influence, grow!

Featured Client

"And we're not really seeing any other companies that are doing it at that level."

Content Gym is taking away that barrier of knowing how to film and knowing how to edit and allowing people who are experts in their industry, or thought leaders to be able to present their content well and professionally without a learning curve.

Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 8.50_edited.jpg

Victoria Jameson
Host - TikTok Radio

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